About The Shop

Great that you’ve found your way to us!

It is with a grateful heart that I welcome you to Cabane Shabby Chic.

Cabane Shabby Chic is about floral theme – flowers and especially roses.  And most of our fabrics have flowers.  We will also use fabrics with stripes, checks, and other designs.  Our aim is to satisfy the likes of everyone.

We are a home-made shop where you will find decorative items such as cushions and curtains, table covers, linens, and many more items. 

Also we have a section for “Accessories” where we sell ladies’ bags, scarves,  and many more small things that create big moments for friends and families. 

We will be selling cards – for all seasonal occasions, but we will stock them as soon as they are ready!  Our cards will be empty since we support the “bring back of hand writing.”  Our website is aimed to bring back some traditional living that went vestige.

Cabane Shabby Chic goes way out to bring you a collection of beautiful cotton fabrics.  And you will find a bewildering range of prints in a blinding mixture of colours and textures. 

Our fabrics are from Sanderson, Romo, Villa Nova, GP&J Baker,  Laura Ashley, Crowson, Harlequin, Liberty, Ramm-Son-Crocker, John Wilman, Prestigious Textiles,  Rose and Hubble, Liberty and other designers.

Everything in our home-made shop are made at home by hands and obviously using a sewing machine.  Cards are done by hands!

Cabane Shabby Chic has many choices to make certain that you find anything “fabric” that are right for your home.  An instant way to add traditional touches to a sofa, armchair or your bed.  Our cushions are filled with new microfibers.

In our shop you will also find antiques, used and those that may have never been used and have been kept as collectibles for many years. Our items are those we find for you when we visit places.

Cabane Shabby Chic may be the perfect place to find traditional living essentials to complement any style you wish for your home.

Our goal is that you feel comfortable in our shop and have a lot of fun browsing and finding!

There won’t be Shabby Chic without flowers! 

Thank you for visiting us!


Juli @ Cabane Shabby Chic